The Anti-Corruption Agencies Strengthening Initiative is a regional initiative in Asia Pacific, led by the TI Secretariat. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the level of corruption in the Asia Pacific region by supporting Anti-Corruption Agencies to improve their effectiveness and performance through partnership building, dialogue, and evidence-based advocacy via the inclusion of a range of relevant stakeholders. TI has developed a practical and comprehensive benchmarking tool aimed at highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of an Anti-Corruption Agency’s context, its structure, policies, and practices. 

TI-M, similar to a number of other TI chapters in Asia Pacific, will conduct an independent assessment of Mongolia’s Independent Agency Against Corruption (IAAC) to reveal problem areas within the agency and to establish concrete recommendations for action. TI-M will establish a collaborative and constructive partnership with the IAAC, facilitating reflection, dialogue, and action planning to implement the developed recommendations. The sustained engagement of the IAAC, throughout the research process and the implementation of developed recommendations, is of great importance for the success of this initiative. Therefore, TI-M will play an advisory, facilitation, and monitoring role only, under consideration of the IAAC’s needs. To set an incentive for continuous improvement of the IAAC’s efficiency in the fight against corruption, the assessment will be conducted every two years, enabling comparison over time. 

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