RE:      Actions to be covered by the Party Program

            Since its inception in 2003, TI-Mongolia has focused on raising awareness and drawing attention of the general public and the politicians on the devastating consequences of corruption, took active part in development of the National Anti-Corruption Program and the Law against Corruption, and has done its utmost to ensure and accelerate establishment of the anti-corruption agency.

            Every person who has observed the events of the recent years has understood that it is not enough to establish a separate body and adopt relevant laws, in order to fight corruption. It is impossible to stop corruption unless all corrupt acts are criminalized, full independence to law enforcement agencies is granted, paragraphs of laws distracting co-operation between these agencies are removed/amended, requests from these agencies for amendments in the laws are complied with, causes leading to corrupt acts are eliminated, laws and regulations are aligned with ratified international conventions, corrupt officials are held accountable, access to public services and political party financing is made available to the general public, candidates who violated laws regulating elections are severely penalized.

            In this regards, we request all parties to commit to undertake below actions, through incorporating those in their programs:

-          Full implementation of UNCAC (mandatory and optional provisions);

-          Develop and implement a National Anti-corruption Strategy;

-          Amend the constitution to ensure checks and balances between the pillars of the national integrity system;

-          Remove immunity of parliament members;

-          Due to the fact that corruption is endemic, establish a council consisting of representatives of law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption agency and the CSO, to accelerate resolution of corruption cases; 

-          Ensure economic  independence of the anti-corruption agency;

-          Improve the legal environment to provide independence to all agencies and organizations which fight corruption, secure their independence from political influence;

-          Make amendments to the Law on Auditing, empower auditors to conduct independent investigations;

-          Improve the legislation regulating the municipality


We request you compete in developing policies aimed at protecting the public organizations from corrupt practices and adoption of policies which will secure unity of the government.




D. Sukhburen,

Executive Director

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